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4/11/04, Next Update 4/18/04

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By George
Dateline writer

NCAA Wooden Award
LOS ANGELES. Saint Joseph's guard Jameer Nelson won the John R. Wooden Award on Saturday, completing a sweep of college basketball's player of the year trophies.
Nelson edged Connecticut's Emeka Okafor in one of the closest votes since the Wooden Award began in 1976. Nelson got 5,408 points to 5,215 for Okafor. Voting closed March 29, a week before Okafor led the Huskies to the national championship.

Nationwide Ephedra Ban
WASHINGTON. A government ban on sales of ephedra kicks in Monday unless a federal judge issues the dwindling industry a late reprieve.
The herbal stimulant, once hugely popular for weight loss and bodybuilding, has been linked to 155 deaths and dozens more heart attacks and strokes.
After years of fighting manufacturers over ephedra's risks, the Food and Drug Administration announced in December it would ban sales of the amphetamine-like herb -- the first such ban of a dietary supplement -- and urged consumers to quit using it immediately.

Episode 5

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By George
Dateline writer

U.S. Backs off Bin Laden Capture Deadline
KABUL, Afghanistan. The U.S. military pulled back Saturday from an earlier prediction that Osama bin Laden would be captured this year. This comes while preparing its largest force for operations along the Pakistani border where the al-Qaida chief is suspected to be hiding.
Catching bin Laden and other top fugitives remains a priority of the expanding American operation in Afghanistan, a spokesman said, but the growing mission is "not about just one or two people," a spokesman said.

Civilians Flee Fallujah
FALLUJAH, Iraq. Civilians streamed out of Fallujah on Sunday after a truce halted a week of fighting between U.S. forces and rebels in which hundreds of Iraqis died.
Grabbing their chance, desperate families fled combat zones in the town of 300,000. Sunni Muslim fighters, who have been battling U.S. Marines from street to street, remained inside.

Erica Skyles
On Location

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Total Deaths....762
Total Wounded....3,466
Total deaths since
end of war on may 1....590

Iraqi deaths....We lost count

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-George Richardson

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